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Right way to interact with the audience during the Father of the Groom Speech

A speech is just a bag full of words written just like that if it lacks the essence for which it has been written. Just putting down a few words and reading them out cannot cause the necessary impact and effect as it was supposed to. The most important thing you should remember is that there are many people listening to you and they should get a clear connection of what you are speaking. Usually, people do not tend to like a speech which lacks the basic element which is interest. When the speech lacks interest, it takes down with all the attention and the desired appealing effect. On the other hand, if the speech is simply renovated to trigger the sense of desire and interest in the audience, it can stand out I nits excellence.

The first and the foremost task for you must be to write an impressive father of the groom speech. You should use simple words which is easy for the audience to grasp and comprehend. The audience should understand the purpose of the speech. They should be able to grasp each and every word. That is the only way by which the audience can bridge the gap between listening and getting interested.

  1. You must know the speech by heart. The words you use in the speech should have a good meaning. You should use kind words for everyone and they must understand the value of the words that you use. Being simple matters a lot. You have to be to short and crisp.
  2. The father of the groom speech should not overflow with emotions. It should not sound dramatic or artificial. You can use big words as far as it does not add to the flamboyancy of the speech.


Drafting a Father of the Groom Wedding Speech

wedding glassesAlthough you might not want to admit it but seeing your son getting married can be a bit overwhelming for you along with causing you to have emotional feelings that you did not realize you had for your son.  Yes, you knew that you loved him but neither of you were the emotional type.  Giving a father of the groom speech will give you a chance to tell your son your true feelings although he knows by all that you have done for him and how you treated him that you do love him.  Now is the time to let the whole world know.  The groom’s father speech can be given any way you want whether it is with humor, sentiment, or a combination of both.  The drawback is that you are not a speaker and have trouble speaking your feelings.  You want to say something to your son that he will remember with love and fond memories when he looks back on his wedding day.

How to draft a father of the groom wedding speech

The important thing to remember when drafting your father of the groom speech is that you should focus on your son.  Yes, it is supposed to be written straight from the heart but there are also some things that you should remember to include in your speech.

  • Keep your speech short—this is very important because there are at least three other important speeches that will also be given.  You want to make sure that the entire reception is not taken up with speeches.  Your speech should about five minutes but no longer than ten minutes as by that time people will start getting bored and lose interest.  So you have five minutes to say something meaningful. More

Groom’s Father Wedding Speech Examples

Wedding is an auspicious moment in your son’s life. It is a big decision and requires the support of the entire family to make it a success. The groom’s father speech has its unique specialty to embellish the relationship with garlands of love and care. And it is utterly simple. It is just the good flow of words right from the heart, which creates a lifelong impression in their hearts. Enlisted below is an example of a groom’s father wedding speech which is quite simple and it shall give you an overall idea on how to write a  speech.

A Good Groom’s Father Speech Example

“I wish everyone present here a hearty and warm good afternoon. I am John and Britney’s (groom and bride) dad, Justin. It is my great pride and honor to stand here and look at such a God-gifted couple. Britney, you are an amazing woman and it fills me up elation to see my son entrusted to you. John, you have presented to me such a lovely daughter. I thank Mr. and Mrs. Martin (bride’s parents) for having an angel as a gift for my son.

It feels that it was just yesterday that I rushed to the hospital and the nurse handed over to me such a delicate little boy, whose cute button-like eyes blinked innocently and I could see the whole world in his eyes. And today, look at him: he is sitting there with the gorgeous woman of his life. I did not realize time would pass by so quickly. Such a little boy evolved into a handsome young man. Well, I still look young, don’t I, John? (Laughs) More

Father of the Groom Speech Guide

The father of the groom speech is becoming a lot more common these days. And this definitely is a good change, because no one else knows the groom better than his father. The groom’s father speech has become one of the most awaited moments at the wedding party and all are eagerly looking forward to it. So if it is now your turn to deliver your speech on your son’s wedding, you surely would want it to be memorable and make your son feel proud of you. You surely owe a great speech to your son on the most important and special day of his life.

father of the groom speechNow, for delivering a father of the groom wedding speech at the wedding ceremony in such a manner that it adds beauty to the ceremony you need to get prepared well before time for its proper execution. If you want the speech to leave a lasting impression on the audience and you want it to be cherished by your son all his life, you need to deliver it with full confidence and make sure that your speech has great content.

So, take time out of your busy schedule instead of waiting for the last week before wedding, sit down with a pen and paper and roughly plan the contents of the father of the groom speech you are to deliver. Sitting at a calm and serene location will surely help you recall some of the great memories you’ve shared with your son as a kid or in his teenage years and also the achievements that have made you feel so proud of him. You can also recall some funny memories you’ve had with your son. You can also jot down what qualities you admire in your daughter in law and the ways in which her presence in your son’s life has developed him to another level, turning him into a better individual altogether. More