Your son comes home one day and tells you, “Dad, Sarah and I feel it is time we get married. I hope you are happy with this decision.” Well, happy is not just the word. You are elated, excited and at the same time a bit nervous and tensed as to what shall follow with the coming of a new family member. It is followed by the rushes and hushes of wedding preparations, placing orders for flowers, shopping for wedding clothes, and so many other things to plan and prepare. And the most important thing that you have to do is to prepare the groom’s father speech.

As the words suggest, the father of the groom speech is usually a brief speech given by the father of the groom to share his fond memories of his son’s childhood and excitement for the occasion, welcoming the guests, wishing the newly married couple good luck for the future and laying some pieces of advices for them.

Firstly, you must have enough time to prepare for the speech. Do not start on the last day by somehow etching some words and saying it without any zeal or enthusiasm. Start by sitting back peacefully. Refresh your mind from the hustles and bustles of the day. Note down the points in a fresh page and now start putting them in order. Make it short and precise and do not beat about the bush. Time is short and you have to let others speak too.

toastUsually as per traditional rules, the father of the bride speech is succeeded by the father of the groom speech. The groom’s father speech should not necessarily be a contrast to the father of the bride speech. The father of the bride puts an emotional pallor in the party for he has to see his daughter move to a new family. On the other hand, you are seeing the welcoming of a daughter to your family so the your speech should be filled with vigor and zeal. You should not hold back your tears if they come naturally, but do not get flown with it. You must keep the mood of the party light as it is the most awaited day for your son.

Start by welcoming the guests politely and express your deepest thanks for their participation in the celebration and witnessing the coming together of two awesome people. Thank the family of the bride and express your extreme gratitude for blessing your son with such a lovely daughter. Express your pride and eagerness to have the bride as your new daughter. Assure the parents that you and your family shall always take good care of their daughter and never let her feel left behind or a stranger to the family. The speech needs a lot of rehearsing before the actual performance. You need to know about the exact tone and way of producing the speech. You must know your limitations and the usage of the words, which shall not cause any embarrassment or unpleasantness to the family members or your son or the bride.

You should start practicing whenever you are free. It does not matter how complex words you use or how artistic you can write. All that really matters is how you speak and present the speech on the final day, whether or not you can blow off the minds of your guests, whether they are moved and touched by every word that you have said, whether they have found your speech inspiring and motivational. At the time of listening to a speech, the audience becomes bored if the speech is not up to the mark and they start losing their interest. The father of the groom speech should be excellent in its presentation and enriched by the use of good words. Make it simple but not poor. Make it attractive but not harassing. Use jokes in between to add to the humour of the party. Do not call for obnoxious or unrelated jokes. You can refer to past incidents from your son’s childhood or school life or even college life.

The groom’s father peech should not be very lengthy. A speech lasting for about three to four minutes is considered to be a good one. The speech brings out the feelings of a father. Let the wedding speech reflect your true asperity and originality. Even while rehearsing, use the proper tone and body language that you need on the final day. Unnecessary issues need not be brought up. You should also not talk about your son’s past relationships. If he has had any of that, then it would cause unnecessary embarrassment and disputes in the future.

The father of the groom speech should be inspirational and awe inspiring. Let it be through the speech that the newly married couple understands the integrity and dignity of love and respect for each other. Let them know through the speech that in times of utter difficulties, if they hold onto each other then they can win any battles. Standing together and respecting others can prove to be beneficial for them in the long run. They should understand from the groom’s father speech that life can be challenging, but with the family behind their backs, no one can ever hamper them. Assure them of moral support.

It does not really matter how wonderfully you have written the father of the groom speech, unless you present it in a respectable manner. Do not fumble or stammer. Speak slowly and be confident in yourself. You are not asked to deliver a president’s speech, but a simple speech truly from the heart. A groom’s father wedding speech can restore peace and harmony in the family and foster good relationships between the two families in the long run. So keep practicing, till you get the right tone. Try to remember it or else you can refer to a paper always. Present the best father of the groom wedding speech and make your son proud.