In the case of high quality and well-written, well-structured groom’s father speeches, the structure of each speech is very important. There are so many articles out there presenting the simple structure, but there are so few of them to actually explain why the structure is created the way it is and why is it of so high importance to respect such details.

For example, as an interesting fact, wedding speeches have changed a lot in each culture. Two or three generations ago, people didn’t imagine that once in the future the essences of wedding speeches will change immensely. However, this is exactly what happened. As a first change, there are far more and very complex speeches today than they were back then. The perspective of the speakers, the family members and the guests has also changed. Of course, the elementary stuff remained in all speeches, including the father of the groom speech.

Never miss the introduction

groom's father wedding speechYou know, a book can be very boring if the introduction is boring. However, in this case, we are talking about a father of the groom wedding speech. If a book can make the reader feel so bored, then you can rest assured that even a simple event as a wedding speech can cause the same effect, if people don’t pay enough attention. So, the only real method to draw some attention from listeners is that you will make sure the introduction is great.

But then, you need to know how to introduce a speech. Sentences like “Hello, Alabama, here we are, Montana” might be funny a bit, but as funny as they may sound, the ineffective they are in the context of wedding speeches. So, your formula must be a formal one, an introduction that not only captures some attention but makes sure to provide and show some respect. The more respect you can show, the more you will know that you are on the track of providing what people expected.

In regards to how composing the introduction should be done, it is recommended to think about the guests, the family members and generally the overall circumstances. Your introduction needs to show people that you were present from the first minute and they must also feel that you are connected to them. Saying a well formulated groom’s father speech introduction isn’t effective, if people feel your text as something too distant or more formal as it should be. By formality we don’t refer to high quality, IEEE publication level academic papers! No way! You just need to be official enough to respect this speech instance.

Still, in almost all cases, people talk about welcoming each other and they also talk about the people who came from long distances or made truly special and amazing efforts to allow themselves to reach your son’s wedding.

What do we have to talk about after the introduction?

Now, here we have more things to understand to proceed. First of all, what is the essence of the groom’s father speech? This speech needs to talk about the groom. Obviously, it is easy to mistake this talking about your son with talking a lot of boring things. Trust me, the family members and the guests aren’t at all interested in what boring stories you have. No, they are rather interested to hear something about the marriage, about a couple of great memories and things like that.

But then, the unavoidable doubt and question comes, because you want to know, and to fully understand what your speech could contain and what it could not. To understand such issues, you need to go deeper in levels and understand details. The first detail is that after talking about your son, you will need to talk about the bride or maybe the couple if you can’t talk about the bride only. After all, it’s all your family now and this union represents something real, something that will last for a long time.

Firstly, you can include very cute stories about your son, from the time he was a little boy. If you do that, you will easily capture people’s attention. You are not supposed to talk about things your son doesn’t like, about things that make him feel embarrassed or weird. The essence of it is that your son should feel great, he should feel honored and he should feel more than happy about what is going on. If you achieve that, you are a winner with the groom’s father wedding speech but if you fail to do so, it’s very hard.

It is also important to elevate some things. For instance, it can be of major significance for him that you mention how he did great things in his childhood, in his teenage years or even after, with the decision of the current marriage. If you talk about these aspects, all will turn out better than you expected before coming to the location of this important event. Your son is always looking forward to hearing from you, to see and feel your attention and he will always keep going on, but what you say will always mark his life. So, make sure that the event and all of the things that will happen can mark him in a positive way. If that is not possible, your dad-mission most probably just failed. You must make it happen, as it’s not hard at all!

For the bride and other family members and friends, it is important to hear that you actually respect your son. There are so many men who have a hard time admitting that they can feel something called “respect”. They rather want to show people how strict, severe and punctual and perfect they can be in this life. No, that is not the purpose of the father of the groom speech!

It is rather a purpose that you touch people’s hearts, especially your son’s. It’s not hard to choose the words. This is another part where people just seem to be hooked or they just give up or fail, even before they ever tried. Man, just try to try! Yes, really! You have some free time? Use it to find the right words (before the speech)!

Finding good words is not much of an art nowadays. There are so many amazing books, articles and all kinds of sources. It’s just about your free time and commitment to have a desire in finding these. If you don’t feel like it, there is no success, obviously. But if you take some time and if you decide that you must come up with something great, then it’s much more likely for things to turn out that way. It is so many times that our own thoughts and decisions control the outcome of situations. Why is it that people who fear certain things end up getting in the situations they feared most? It is because the level of the fear they feel within their hearts is enormous.

Talking about the bride or if that is not the case, then the couple

It’s of importance to decide one or another. You either talk about the bride, or the couple as a new family. There is no third option here. I believe that it is not always easy for everyone and I admit that it can be hard sometimes, but that’s life with wedding speeches. Wanted it or not, asked for it or not, but it still came. So what can man do whenever an unexpected situation is ahead? All we can do to the best of our powers is to overcome the situation, so that we control the situation and not vice-versa.

If you talk about the bride, please notice that there is a very thin line between respecting her as a woman and flirting. So, please don’t put everyone in an unpleasant situation by trying to conquer a woman who was already conquered by your son. First of all, it’s pathetic and second of all it’s disrespectful in the eyes of all family members, be it on your part of the family or the bride’s part of the family. What I actually want to put focus on here is that you can speak good words, encouraging and lifting thoughts without making people believe that your relationship with the bride is more than it should be.

Then, it is also about making the bride feel special. Don’t leave an impression such as she now fell in your family trap by accepting your son as husband. I know that most people throw in a joke or two, but if the joke has double meaning and can be interpreted in the wrong way, then it is better to leave it out. However, it is important to say things like you are happy for your son and his bride, because your son had the taste to choose a fine woman. Such words of delight are well-received by all family members, but guests too!

It is also good to talk about the bride’s qualities. If you didn’t spend time observing them until now and you can’t tell any of them, it’s pretty lame. You should already know her best qualities. If you want to mention any negative aspects or anything she hurt you with in the past, trust me that the wedding is just not the moment to do that. And then, if you respected your son enough to not embarrass him in front of the entire family and group of friends, you owe the same respect towards his bride. If you show disrespect, people will end up gossiping behind your back, and their words will probably be heard even in decades. So, instead of leaving a bad name, you should act like a wonder dad and do things accordingly.

When talking about the couple, if it’s not putting the focus on the bride, it is still important that you mention qualities, events and things that are of a good connotation. For example, if you know that the young couple spent a quality summer somewhere, during a trip, then you can mention how lovely it was that they went, because they strengthened their relationship and found out more about how truly and deeply they love each other. Such remarks are important for both of them and they will respect and honor you for saying such lovely words.

It is also good to talk about the couple in the sense of encouraging their life decisions and telling them that things are possible and not too hard. Sometimes, young couples are discouraged or their parents don’t take the time to tell them how easily they can handle life.

The words you say for their wisdom

During the father of the groom speech, you can also choose to say something about wisdom and decisions in your life. As a man who lived many things, you are quite in position to share some good pieces of advice. When doing that, make sure it doesn’t take too long, but also make sure you are longer than one sentence. If it’s only for one sentence, people might assume that you think about yourself as a man who knows everything and you just came to educate the youngsters and to show everyone that you know how to do it. That would be so wrong!

So, it is better to say full ideas and to make people understand what you are actually talking about. If they get your message and if they are able to comprehend what you were trying to say, then it’s for the best of everyone to listen to these words.

If you have no idea about sharing wisdom, some passages from books or romantic stories, even poems, will do the magic. You just have to find the right things to quote or read and then, throughout an experienced writer’s words, you will express your true feelings.

Closing the speech is done with a good toast proposal

Then, towards the end of the speech all you need to do is that you should propose a toast to the happy life of the young couple. Of course, the toast proposal needs to be learned in advance and you can’t risk forgetting the text of the proposal. In the same way as there are so many sources for you to be inspired for the other parts of the speech, the same goes for toast proposals. There are many articles, online resources, books to learn toast proposals from.

If you didn’t find any resources called “father of the groom speech toast proposals”, then it is not for you to worry about it! All you have to do is look at other types of wedding speech toast proposals, and then learn from those. After all, it doesn’t matter which wedding speech we are talking about, because toast proposals have always been toast proposals.


After all, the above mentioned father of the groom speech structure elements are all required. It is for the best to respect them, by not changing the order or anything else from these parts. However, there is flexibility to add more parts to your very own speech. But, in case you do that, you need to make sure your groom’s father speech is no longer than a maximum of five speaking minutes!