Wedding is an auspicious moment in your son’s life. It is a big decision and requires the support of the entire family to make it a success. The groom’s father speech has its unique specialty to embellish the relationship with garlands of love and care. And it is utterly simple. It is just the good flow of words right from the heart, which creates a lifelong impression in their hearts. Enlisted below is an example of a groom’s father wedding speech which is quite simple and it shall give you an overall idea on how to write a  speech.

A Good Groom’s Father Speech Example

“I wish everyone present here a hearty and warm good afternoon. I am John and Britney’s (groom and bride) dad, Justin. It is my great pride and honor to stand here and look at such a God-gifted couple. Britney, you are an amazing woman and it fills me up elation to see my son entrusted to you. John, you have presented to me such a lovely daughter. I thank Mr. and Mrs. Martin (bride’s parents) for having an angel as a gift for my son.

It feels that it was just yesterday that I rushed to the hospital and the nurse handed over to me such a delicate little boy, whose cute button-like eyes blinked innocently and I could see the whole world in his eyes. And today, look at him: he is sitting there with the gorgeous woman of his life. I did not realize time would pass by so quickly. Such a little boy evolved into a handsome young man. Well, I still look young, don’t I, John? (Laughs)

Well now Jessica, (groom’s mother) you don’t have to rush after John and pull him out of the backyard’s mud tracks soaking and drenched wet, because I think John has got someone to be his play time friend, isn’t it true John? You should take a look at his childhood snaps when he would be entirely painted with mud and his mother had to clean him dry. Britney shall be bringing him right. You agree to that, don’t you Britney? (Laughs)

Jessica and I have spent twenty nine years together and we are proud of you John. Britney you are my sweet daughter now. I hope we both have a grand daddy-daughter time together. My children, Britney, and John, take me as a father, close to your hearts and always remember you are very special to me. I would abide by all your decisions. You are now a part of my family together. You are my beloved daughter, Britney. I pledge to protect you and bestow you with all the happiness and love I can shower upon you two.

May God always keep the two love birds happy together and bless them with a beautiful life ahead. Mr. and Mrs. Martin, you are now my family and not just friends. Your presence shall always be looked forward to. Jessica here makes wonderful chocolate muffins which I have heard from my girl, Britney. Now I have got another reason to grab a muffin despite her scolding me as doctors do. I am overwhelmed on having such a wonderful family joining us today.

John and Britney, we are looking forward to see you both have a great life ahead. Always remember the entire family is with you two. Do not hesitate or feel reluctant to come to us in times of difficulties or when in dilemma. We want you two to be happy in every situation of life. So we will do our best to protect you. And now I see Robert (best man) looking at me. (Laughs) I won’t take much of your time? Don’t worry as I am done here!

Join me everyone and let’s congratulate John and Britney on making this day so special for both the families. Let your love shine forever and may the Almighty give His blessings to you with, filling your lives with joy. Good luck and good wishes, to our handsome John and our gorgeous Britney!”

With skillful use of words, a groom’s father speech can hit success. Every word is special and carries its uniqueness. Calling the bride your daughter creates a soft corner in her heart for you. Your approval means a lot to them. Your son really feels proud if he sees that you are truly satisfied with this big decision of his life. And it is really special when you facilitate the close bonding of the two families. Peace and goodness restores the integrity of a relationship.

With proper welcoming and added humor, the father of the groom speech is highlighted. The wedding speech is greatly significant in creating a long lasting blissful impression on the newlyweds and the family of the bride.

Sources for other examples

Many websites provide you with a variety of groom’s father speech examples and related tips. They provide you with the format of the speech very structurally. You would not face problems with that. You can also get hold of many books illustrating examples of groom’s father speeches. They come handy and are easily available in the market, as well as in online book stores. You can also refer to some online websites and watch videos of real speeches given at different weddings. It will give you a brief idea on how to enlist useful points in your version. They give you ideas about where you must pause and what tone you should use while speaking. Those are also great sources to learn how to extend your warm wishes to the bride’s family, how to express your gratitude to the guests, and what key points you must mention in your speech – these things are all mentioned in these books. They are very helpful if you want to receive a wave of applauds after giving your speech.

Such a memorable day is garnished by the father of the groom wedding speech. A new love and respect is instilled in the minds of your guests, the newlyweds and the bride’s family, when your speech turns out to be touching and inspirational.