Marriage is a big step of our lives. Being the father you can understand the new challenges your son shall be facing in the near future and also in the long run. It is a special occasion for him and he shall be looking forward to a marvellous and motivating groom’s father speech from your side. Crack the best speech ever amongst your guests and make the day very special for your son. Let him be very happy and awestruck with your speech. The groom’s father speech must be a special one, right from your heart presented with utmost love, care and compliments for the newlyweds.

Make the day more special with your Groom’s Father Speech

According to tradition, the groom’s father speech is preceded by the Bride’s Father Speech. The Bride’s Father Speech is usually packed with emotions since the daughter now moves to a new family. On the other hand, the speech should be warmly welcoming and congratulating. You must remember to acknowledge everyone on having joined the celebration. It is a very momentous day for your son and you should try to make it extra special with your love and devotion for his decision. It is perhaps a day that he would remember throughout his life. Every word that you use in the groom’s father speech shall be memorized by him.

In fact you would feel great when people say,” Oh that was so marvellous and emotive!” Yes, if you are looking forward to writing the best Groom’s Father Speech, then you should get going with it. After all it is a day to be remembered.

Ideas to Write Your Own Groom’s Father Speech

Before writing the Groom’s Father Speech, you must know that it is a grand occasion and that everything you say must be significant and not monotonic to hear. Every sentence you say must be special in its own way. The Groom’s Father Speech needs to be simple and written truly from the core of your heart. You must be welcoming the bride’s family and acknowledge them for trusting the care and love of their lovely daughter in your family.  You must maintain the correct posture and body language when you speak out in public. It is a bit challenging, but after all it is for the happiness of your son and his wife.

  • Firstly, you need to introduce yourself as the father of the Groom and shower your love upon the newly married couple.
  • The Groom’s Father Speech must be precise and apt and should successfully welcome the family of the bride. Thank them for joining the celebration. Surely mention your pleasure on having such a beautiful lady taking care of your son and that you have no more worries.
  • The Groom’s Father Speech must contain some pieces of evidence that you have readily accepted the couple and that you would give the bride love and respect of your own daughter.
  • The Groom’s Father Speech must have some instances form your son’s childhood to show how a little child has grown into a responsible and strong man. Congratulate your son on having chosen the perfect lady for himself and wish them good luck and cheers.
  • Use a few jokes in between to keep up the mood of the party. Speeches are usually monotonic for the audience, but good speeches can lure them greatly.
  • Avoid using any proverbs or quotes. Make it as original as possible. Because you should remember that it is your own speech. Just copying it from somewhere else would not be as magical as it would be if it is truly yours.
  • The Groom’s Father Speech must assure the couple that the entire family shall support them in every decision they take and in every situation of life. You would provide them safety and security all the time.
  • You must end the speech by a toast to the newly married couple and ask everyone to join in. Thank the bride’s family again for making this day possible.

You must rehearse the speech on and off and be absolutely confident about it. Remember you must not stammer or fumble while speaking. This causes lack of attention of the audience. You do not want the audience to lose interest with the Groom’s Father Speech. The speech must be successful enough to grab everybody’s attention and keep them still and spellbound with your speech. Blow off their minds with your special speech.

Sources for Writing Groom’s Father Speech

Many online websites provide you with ideas to write a speech. They provide you with tips, tutorials and examples of groom’s father speeches. You can refer to these websites anytime you want. Moreover, they also provide books on How to Write the Groom’s Father Speech. You can also buy them as per your convenience. They won’t burn a hole in your pocket, as their prices are affordable.

You can also refer to some websites, which provide videos of the wedding speech. They have been launched to give you an idea on how to write a Groom’s Father Speech. By seeing these videos you get to know the exact tone and body language required to speak in front of the guests. You will get to know the exact places you need to pause to let the words sink deep in the hearts of your listener.

At the end of the day, when you ruminate about the Groom’s Father Speech, you should feel satisfied and contented with it. Such should be the speech that your son would be proud to have you as his father. He would look up to you as a rightful teacher and respect you always for making his day so celebrated. The power of the Groom’s Father Speech cannot be stated. It can glitter the life of your son with happiness and joy. The family of the bride would be overwhelmed by your courtesy and warmth. Make your son’s life colorful with a unique Groom’s Father Speech.