It is not always a simple deal to get ready for your father of the groom speech. Some people think it will be like something that takes an hour or two, but the reality is that these things aren’t that simple. As a matter of fact, whoever doesn’t take enough time, they just won’t succeed.

The real question is: what does it take to be prepared entirely? Is it doable on your own or do you need extra assistance too? Will you need to contact some real experts or the things life taught you will be just enough to succeed? Truth being said, the answer isn’t quite a one-sentence answer, but by the end of the article you will understand the essence of things.

The weeks before the wedding

I am beginning my ideas or series of ideas by this time frame – the weeks before the wedding. The reason for this is because I have seen too many people who just want to make it all happen a few weeks before, no extra efforts ever included. The problem with the approach is that it will probably never happen. Why is it so hard, you might ask?

It is not about hard things, or whatever we assume upon first reading. The real deal is about the time you have left. The weeks before the big event are busy weeks. You can’t just take any time you want on any day you prefer. You will be bound to help your son, you will be bound to be with him and with the entire family to organize everything. There are slight possibilities that you won’t enjoy these parts, but the truth is that you will have to do all of it. If you are not part of the organizing – it is sad, because while you may still be invited to tell your speech, the essence of it was already drowned. That is, if you weren’t there to support the young couple in every moment, then you simply fail to have impact with the father of the groom speech. Then, to continue the idea, if you lose impact then it doesn’t even have its purpose anymore. So then, lastly, without a purpose, speaking only to not be silent – that is lame.

New trends that must not be ignored

You may be a person who seems to know most things or all things, at least related to certain aspects of life. Even more than that, you might be powerful and manly enough to handle difficult situations by your own creativity and ideas. Now, the same won’t apply for a speech, as a speech is not just another issue of a broken desk that can be replaced or repaired too simply.

There are trends that are very important. For instance, one of the main trends you need to understand is being innovative, creative, not a copycat. In other words, just taking over what other people did with their father of the groom speeches or whatever other solutions you might assume to be good – that doesn’t work anymore.

Also, according to newest trends, you can bring the latest of technology into your father of the groom speech. By this I mean you can put in projections, presentations, whatever thing you want to show on some huge TV screen – like anything you could ever imagine. Holding a speech is not necessarily about speaking in a classical way. It is nice, it would be welcomed, but there’s a lot more to what speeches actually reached to be today.

Practice until perfection is not a distant objective anymore

You read correctly, you heard my message right: you need to keep practicing your father of the groom speech text, presentation, musical, or whatever you prepared until it gets perfect. A wedding is a one-time opportunity, it’s not like you can return and repeat something (the same thing) tomorrow. It’s either a full success, or a full failure.

Practicing isn’t something you will do at the same time each day. Maybe today you will practice by writing 2 more sentences into your text, and then maybe tomorrow you will practice by reviewing and correcting what was already there. There aren’t any predefined rules, there aren’t schemes to go by with everyone. It’s just all about how you make it happen.

However, the amount of success stands in your hands and in your heart – how determined, how prepared are you? You see, success is not just for the elite, is not just for special people. It is actually for whoever feels motivated enough to desire success.

So, having your mind set on things you will now know how to focus on the following aspects of preparing:

  • Is the speech text ready?
  • Did you handle all your daily duties, including but not limited to what the wedding brought to you?
  • Are your nerves stretched or are you calm inside?
  • Did you make sure your speech is neither too short nor too long?
  • Is your introduction captivating or is it just another average wedding speech intro text?

Of course, the details mentioned above might not be the only ones that are of major concern. Still, if you keep your eyes on these, you are many steps closer to a big success.

Eliminating discomfort and stress

This is probably one of the hardest things to achieve, because you will find yourself dealing with uncomfortable situations and a lot of stress too. Truth to be said, none of these are good for you as a speaker. But then comes the real question: how can these be avoided?

First of all, it is not okay if you think about what you haven’t done and then panic or freak out. While you might be right about things you have probably missed or left out, the panic and the state of feeling how you’ve lost control can’t help you and won’t help you. What to keep your eyes on then?

What I recommend is writing your to do list. If you have a fairly well-written to-do list then you will successfully manage all of your duties. A lack of such a list makes it all harder – because then it means you need to have all that information in your mind all the time. But then, the real problem is that you miss the motivating part. Whenever you have a to-do item and then have completed that, you can cut it off the list or, if you find it better, re-write the full list and leave out the things you have completed. This way your motivation will grow stronger and then there’s nothing left out, ever.

It also helps a lot if you talk with your wife. Don’t try to pretend like everything is under control when you are struggling with some things about the wedding, about organizing, about your career or whatever it is. Telling your wife about it is the beginning of the solution to your problems. Then, you can at least make sure that your wife knows and she can support you or recommend some other things to your assistance. Such a help is always valuable, especially when stress grows and you feel like there is no way out.

In case it is all about the lack of free time, you can analyze your life and reconsider what is more important for you. If you realize that some things can be left out from your daily schedule – you can and you should make the choice. After all, being exhausted and out of control, out of handling the situations you’re in is not pleasant and will make you feel even more stressed. Even if it’s sometimes a bit harder to admit, you know you have areas in your life that can be changed, left out or whatever. There are solutions if you want them bad enough!

It is also very important to reconsider what your relationship with your son is like. If it’s like chaos or uncertain things, or maybe problems of the past left unsolved – you should leave those things out of this and let the past not ruin the present and the future. You can better talk with your son, tell him if you feel hurt or misunderstood, and don’t make these things sound awful like having them included in your father of the groom wedding speech remarks or poor taste jokes.

Being ready with all words

Choosing the words is very important. There are basically two extreme situations you must avoid, no matter how desperate you feel. One of the extremes is using a language which is more of a simple, day by day language, just like drinking a beer with your best mate. That is cool when drinking beer but shameful when speaking at a wedding. The second extreme is pretending that you are a candidate for a high position, trying to choose elevated words to hold a speech in which you attempt to convince listeners that you are amazing and worthy of being chosen.

As long as these two extremes are avoided, the rest is easier. You can choose the words progressively. By this I mean that you should kick high expectations away. You can’t just begin writing a speech today and then expect it to contain amazing thoughts and words tomorrow morning. Face it: that can’t happen and it wouldn’t be normal for it to happen. What is likely is that today you have some words, maybe tomorrow you have twice as much and so on, until there is a good length. And then, as you keep editing, checking, correcting – you then get to a level at which all words are appropriate!