The father of the groom speech is becoming a lot more common these days. And this definitely is a good change, because no one else knows the groom better than his father. The groom’s father speech has become one of the most awaited moments at the wedding party and all are eagerly looking forward to it. So if it is now your turn to deliver your speech on your son’s wedding, you surely would want it to be memorable and make your son feel proud of you. You surely owe a great speech to your son on the most important and special day of his life.

father of the groom speechNow, for delivering a father of the groom wedding speech at the wedding ceremony in such a manner that it adds beauty to the ceremony you need to get prepared well before time for its proper execution. If you want the speech to leave a lasting impression on the audience and you want it to be cherished by your son all his life, you need to deliver it with full confidence and make sure that your speech has great content.

So, take time out of your busy schedule instead of waiting for the last week before wedding, sit down with a pen and paper and roughly plan the contents of the father of the groom speech you are to deliver. Sitting at a calm and serene location will surely help you recall some of the great memories you’ve shared with your son as a kid or in his teenage years and also the achievements that have made you feel so proud of him. You can also recall some funny memories you’ve had with your son. You can also jot down what qualities you admire in your daughter in law and the ways in which her presence in your son’s life has developed him to another level, turning him into a better individual altogether.

Now, once you have roughly estimated the contents of your speech, it is time to pour it into a proper structure. You can begin with introducing yourself formally in a brief and precise manner in the beginning of the father of the groom speech. Then you can thank the guests who have made an extra effort to be present at the wedding reception for example by travelling from distant countries or had to make special arrangements to get some elderly members of their family witness the wedding.  This part of the father of the groom speech must be kept short and to the point because the bride’s father has already spoken and thanked notable people.

Now, you can recall the day your son was born, a few special moments you have shared with your son and you can highlight his achievements and show respect towards him as a mature young and responsible individual. Then, you can talk about you daughter in law, share some of her accomplishments and the way the couple perfectly complement each other. Ideally should also welcome the bride to the family in the father of the groom speech.

Then you can add few words of advice to the newlywed couple. You can site quotes from the books and movies which can inspire them. You can also discuss few mistakes you made in your married life which may prevent them from repeating again. Remember that you should give advice in a friendly manner and if needed, accept suggestions from other members of the family for this part of the father of the groom speech.

The father of the groom speech should be closed giving a toast to the bride and groom like all other wedding speeches. You can bless the newlyweds wishing the luck and ever-lasting happiness and joy.

Now here is a sample of father of the groom speech to help to get a rough idea on how to present the speech according to the proper etiquette.

Speech example – a way to present your father of the groom speech

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I, Christopher, father of Richard (groom), would like to take the opportunity to welcome you all and thank each one of you for honoring us with your presence on this auspicious ceremony of my son’s wedding.

It feels like yesterday when my son was born. It was a privilege watching him grow up from a baby held in hands to a strong and responsible individual. He has always made us feel so proud and had never given us an opportunity to yell at him or ever let us down. He has completed his studies with full determination.

All we were worried about was getting him married to a nice, loving and caring girl. Today he has given us another reason to rejoice by deciding to marry Alice (the bride). It is like a dream come true for us to have a daughter in law like Alice in our family who is so supportive and loving, full of wits and confidence and complements Richard so well. Alice, welcome to our family. We are proud to have you.

Since it is customary to add a piece of advice to this speech, I would ask both of you (say this by looking towards the bride and groom) to be tolerant and patient with each other. It is very important to trust each other and never let that trust fall apart for any reason. Communicating with each other is very important and it is equally important to give space to each other when needed. Giving priority to the family and surprising each other frequently will strengthen your bond even more.

Now, I would like to thank all those people who have helped us organize the wedding so successfully and without whom this celebration would never have been the same. I would like to thank Alice’s parents Lucy and Bob who have always been discussing with us, seeking our opinion and have taken care of the arrangements so well. I would like to thank the caterers, the video staff, the clergymen and the entourage for their help.