wedding glassesAlthough you might not want to admit it but seeing your son getting married can be a bit overwhelming for you along with causing you to have emotional feelings that you did not realize you had for your son.  Yes, you knew that you loved him but neither of you were the emotional type.  Giving a father of the groom speech will give you a chance to tell your son your true feelings although he knows by all that you have done for him and how you treated him that you do love him.  Now is the time to let the whole world know.  The groom’s father speech can be given any way you want whether it is with humor, sentiment, or a combination of both.  The drawback is that you are not a speaker and have trouble speaking your feelings.  You want to say something to your son that he will remember with love and fond memories when he looks back on his wedding day.

How to draft a father of the groom wedding speech

The important thing to remember when drafting your father of the groom speech is that you should focus on your son.  Yes, it is supposed to be written straight from the heart but there are also some things that you should remember to include in your speech.

  • Keep your speech short—this is very important because there are at least three other important speeches that will also be given.  You want to make sure that the entire reception is not taken up with speeches.  Your speech should about five minutes but no longer than ten minutes as by that time people will start getting bored and lose interest.  So you have five minutes to say something meaningful.
  • Make sure that you speak, not read the speech—if you are afraid that you  might forget something important to say it is okay to have some notes jotted down.  It is not necessary to memorize it word for word.  Speak from the heart.
  • Introduce yourself—this is important as there are guests and relatives on the bride’s side that would not know you.  Just say your name and that you are the father of the groom.
  • Welcome everyone—yes, the bride’s father has also done this but it is also important that the father of the groom do it also.  It is important that you introduce your wife, and welcome the bride and her parents to the family.  You should also welcome everyone and thank them for being there to witness the union of your son and his bride.
  • Speak about your son and new daughter-in-law—first talk about your son, like a memory of when he was a little boy, some anecdotes about how he may have felt about marriage and girls when he was younger.  Then move to your new daughter-in-law and how much of a difference she has made in your son’s life, how he is happier now than he has been before she came into his life,  You could even propose a small toast to your new  daughter-in-law to make her welcome to the family.
  • Add a little dash of humor—you want to make sure the speech does not become too emotional so you could add a little humor toward the end of your father of the groom speech.  You can make the humor come in the form of some type of advice from you to your son.  You can also add a few funny wedding quotes to the end of the speech.  Do not say anything that will embarrass your son, your new daughter-in-law, your family, her family, and any other guests.
  • Wrap up the speech—end it by thanking everyone for being there again and then raise your glass, wishing your son and your daughter-in-law the best in life and that it is filled with love.

When you finish your father of the groom speech, look toward the best man because it is his turn now to speak.  He will be the last to speak before the fun can begin.  Looking at all you have to include in your father of the groom speech you may wonder how you can say all that in five minutes and no more than ten minutes.  It sounds like that is an impossible job but it can be done.  Do not wait until the last minute to write the speech.  Start at least a couple of months before the wedding so you can add, subtract, and change information around until you have it down to the way you want.  Practice saying it in the mirror and then try it out on your wife.  Once you think it is finished time it or have someone to time it to make sure that it is not too short or too long.  Do not say it to your son because you want to wait until the big day.  This way he will not have any idea of what you are going to say and what you have to say will have more meaning to him when he looks back on his wedding day.

In conclusion

Although you may be nervous when it is time to get up and deliver your father of the groom speech but once it is over you will wonder why you were nervous in the first place.  If you have another son that will one day get married you will know exactly how to write it, what to include in it, and how to deliver it but it will not be any less heartfelt.  If you need help writing your father of the groom speech there are many different sources online that you can use for ideas.  Although it may sound overwhelming at first once you write your father of the groom speech you will wonder what all the stress was for.  Just remember, be natural, speak from the heart, and everything will fall into place.