In order to become successful with your father of the groom speech, one of the most important things is that you become relaxed, period. It’s very simple to let yourself believe and know that all things are under control. Does under control mean that you can do things perfectly? Let’s begin by addressing the issue of being perfect. First, before anything else, people can’t really be perfect in anything. What we can do, in the best of the cases, is to become excellent in a field or another. That, on the other hand is not at all related to perfection. For instance, you might learn a poem and recite it perfectly, but does that really mean that you have learned the poem perfectly? The only reason it can’t mean it because, no matter how perfect you are, you can’t always recite it (eg. If someone wakes you up at 3 AM and rushes you to say it without 10 seconds of hesitation) and you can’t always remember all words perfectly as they originally were.

This means that if you are starting off with the idea of desiring a perfect father of the groom wedding speech, then you have failed from the very first minute. All you need to make sure of is that you can handle it. That doesn’t at all mean that it’s perfect, but it truly means that you are capable of saying a speech and that you can transmit a message.

How to play with words

Playing with words is one of the essential basics of telling your wedding speech. And I am not only referring to those, who are fathers of the groom. This is general and valid for anyone, who is about to say a wedding speech. There are many things, like thousands of things that can be common between a wedding speech and another. To understand these aspects, what you need to do is simply make sure to use words in the right way.

Many people should admit that they have a problem. There is never a solution to any situation in your life, unless you can admit you had a problem before anything else. Admitting your problematic parts in the wedding speech you are about to give is the first step you will need to make sure that you get the solution. Some solutions go easier, and others might be slightly more complicated.

In the choice of words, things are only simple if you begin handling these problems in useful time. For instance, you should probably begin searching today and not tomorrow. Does this one day make any difference? It certainly makes all the difference, because you just want to save time and to stay relaxed. I mean, who wouldn’t want to feel like totally relaxed, with the occasion of their son’s weddings? Yes, that is both you and me – we all want relaxation.

A lot of romantic stories, novels and fiction stories can help you play with words. You see, there is never a successful book that doesn’t play with words. If they wouldn’t do that, would you mind reading? Would you spend your money to purchase the book and see what’s inside of it? You see, to become successful as an author, you need to play a magic scene with all the words of your creation. The same goes for the father of the groom speech – to magically capture everyone’s attention, you will need to make sure that you have a clear message and that the words you are use are not like in everyday speech. If you can only limit yourself to simple, day by day expressions, then you can’t succeed. However, taking the writing to the next level is surely a guarantee of the fact that you are not only under control, but you are doing a great job.

Poems are very lyrical and sentimental, and they transmit emotions with high intensity, but still with simple metaphors and comparing. You see, to become a master of such expressions, all you need to do is try and to read many poems. Do you think those people were born with the dictionary, with the richness of their vocabularies in mind? No, those people were born just like any other one of us, maybe in conditions even harder than ours. Then, we ask the question: what makes a difference? Difference is always made by what people love to hear and to what level you can talk to people according to their expectations of hearing some things.

Don’t be the slave of time – make time your slave

Another problem we face when editing the father of the groom speech is that we become slaves of time itself. How does one become a slave of time? When you start thinking about the fact that the wedding will begin in exactly 2 weeks, you are already lost. This happens, because the thought of the wedding day isn’t limited to that thought only. This brings other thoughts, other ideas, and then you end up being freaked out, with a heart rate jumping sky high and wondering how you can ever solve something.

If some of the above paragraph represents your situation, then you have at least identified the problem. The next step, after identification is to stop. Yes, you really need to stop right now and start thinking differently. To think differently, let us admit the following, the reasoning I am just going to reveal.

Let’s assume you have a long list of like 300 items, 300 duties you have before the wedding. Now, being stressed, freaked out, hopeless or frustrated will never help you. Will that solve any item from the list? Will that enable you to think faster or to act faster? No, all of what you ever did is to add like 4-5 extra items to the list. The items are: get rid of stress, become calmer, have hope to better solutions and be confident. It’s like adding more problems and more pain, instead of cutting the list shorter. Now, all you have is a list of 304 or 305 items instead of 300. But then what could make the list shorter?

One of the first things to shorten the list is to make sure you take things as they come, in the order of priority. If you know, in any day, that you should take a shower, eat breakfast, drink coffee, go to shopping, watch the football game, meet your best friend and so on, what would it be like? Could you leave out eating breakfast (without eating anything else, of course) and go for the entire day without that? Wouldn’t this make all other items like 100 times harder, just because you left out a simple item? If you think of these things, you will soon realize that priorities are the ones to go after. I often hear people saying that they have their to-do lists, but they have no idea about how it can be solved. Let me ask you: is there any better way to solve, than the way of taking ALL items 1-by-1 and then making sure that the 1st item is always the most urgent one? If you found a way better than this, I truly encourage you to teach me too, because I would also like to know something more efficient. As far as I know, this is the most efficient, both psychologically and physically!

Master the speech structure

Another important thing for the father of the groom speech is knowing and mastering the speech structure. The structure is always very simple, but you truly need to make sure that you are in full knowledge and awareness of it, respecting every single part. If you got that far, success is definitely yours and yours only!

The speech always begins with the introduction. If you have the introduction, it is only by then to move forward to the part in which you talk about your son. But what about the introduction? What should it contain after all? The introduction might contain a great joke, some other welcoming sentences and eventually some special notes (short ones, very short ones) if it’s the case, but no additional notes if it’s not the case.

The next part, which entails talking about the groom, is all about the groom and how he met the bride. You don’t need to write a soap opera here, because you won’t be able to talk more than 1-2 minutes for this part, but you can’t cut it down to 3 sentences either. So, all you need to do is take some extra time, some extra hours and write down something amazing. It is never a solution to try and write some funny or bad things about your son, especially if these are embarrassing for him. The key is that he feels great!

Then, the next part should mention the bride or the married couple as a couple. Here, it is actually your choice to go with the 1st or the 2nd version. Whatever version you choose, it’s more than great. You will need to talk about the bride, or about them. The same applies as for the groom. You can’t talk more than 2 minutes, really!

Then, summarizing the speech, you can add a few quotes and words of wisdom to your own liking. If that is done, all you need to do is to add a toast proposal.

Basically, this is the good structure for the father of the groom speech. If you can respect this, then it is very easy to write and speak a successful speech!