The father of the groom speech could be the showstopper for the day. However, failure to put proper efforts well before time could make it a disaster too. In spite of knowing how to build the format for your speech but unable to gather a generalized idea or source of proper inspiration could be an issue. The following article will provide you with a well-researched list of books / e-books that will help you to not only gather ideas but also enlighten with every aspect of the father of groom speech and elevate your confidence for an excellent delivery of father of groom speech.

1. Exclusive Father of the Groom Speeches – By John Wilson

About The Book:

The Book targets mainly on Speeches Templates and Themes. It highlights quotations from Love, Wedding to Funny. A sub category specializing and concentrating exclusively on: How to over-come stage fear and make a confident public talk.

Also a separate chapter on: Wedding Etiquette Secrets – Revealed.

The Book containing 194 pages has retained its position as the top seller in ‘father of the groom speech’ category.

It helps the reader to experience some of the most entertaining wedding speeches.

The book reached the customer to write their own father of the groom speech, just like professional writers. It enlightens on the tips and tricks to deliver a speech and make it appealing to the audience. It prepares the user on both fronts: content and presentation. The templates and the ideology provided in the book will ensure your son feels special and make him realize how much he means to you. The book has enlisted a variety of speeches, of different theme, scenario and ideology to choose from emotional to funny and witty, with an added advantage of quotation. The book also houses a good number of anecdotes and incidents.

Briefed Specifications:

  • The book houses twenty-five numbers of time tested, outstanding and proven father of groom speech
  • Includes many inspiring wedding speeches and toasts
  • Includes exclusive quotations and witty one-liner punches
  • Tips and tricks to over-come Public Speaking fear
  • Ready to use templates
  • Ready to use Rehearsal dinner speeches
  • ‘Short and Sweet’ Simple speeches
  • Ideas on constructing your speech in an alluring manner
  • Bonus E-Books, is an exclusive feature on the book
  • Separate chapters on
    • Confident Public Speaking Unlocked
    • Wedding Etiquette Secrets Revealed


The book is acclaimed with many numbers of positive reviews from the past users. The rating has been swinging from four to five starts. Available as kindle edition also. With a most affordable price tag, the book is sure to be value for money product.

2. Father of the Groom Speeches by Niamh Crowe

This book is an exclusive kindle version. The book accommodates a huge number of ready to use templates and speech samples of the father of the groom speech. Each speech is distinctly divided as the intro, body and the final words. The ideology behind every speech is to not a monotonous tone. It includes the part where the bride is welcomed and thanked. So are the in-laws, the relatives and addressing the friends. Sharing a small yet memorable story or experience from the past and providing a fatherly advice and words of wisdom are all good ideas. The book also includes short poems and a chapter on ‘wedding jokes’ to offer you the chance to give your speech a twist from the usual style and finish it in a happy, funny note.

The book is mainly targeted on providing several templates and examples on father the groom speeches. For fathers who are looking for samples, this book shall be of best use to them and is available at an affordable price.


They are both happy and unsatisfied customers for this book. The rating stars swing between two to four. If the expectation of the user is to find confidence, this book is not for you. Rather if are looking just for templates, this book might be of great use to you.

3. How to Make a Great Wedding Speech by Philip Calvert

The book focuses on the pragmatic, experimental and all-inclusive way of presenting a speech. This book is a very insightful and slightly different approach to handling the world of speeches. The author, Philip Calvert is a professional speaker. He is also a consultant in advanced presentation skills and runs workshops on speaking at weddings. He has appeared on BBC Radio and BBC Breakfast television as an expert in wedding speeches. Though the book does not particularly focus on the father of the groom speech, it accommodates all generalized aspects to make a striking speech, may it be the father or the mother or the groom himself. This book could be an all-star. Anyone who is the part of the Big Day and has a role to play through his or her speech can acquire great rewards from this book. It provides specific and customized help to people of different role-play. It houses advices, tips, tricks, soul booster for gaining confidence and overcoming public speaking jitters. The book will ensure that you deliver one of the most self-soothing and memorable speech for the audience present. It is a true value for money.


Editorial review: “Philip Calvert’s new book posits every bear-trap that all hapless wedding speech-makers might fall in to’ — Independent On Sunday

Customer review:  It can help you learn how to play on your strengths and integrate your own attitude and personality in your speech – unknown.

4. Your Wedding Toast by Scott Brogan

Due to its immense demand, it is not hard to find this book in the market. The 150 pages book is a part of SOS (Special Occasion Speech) Series by Scott Brogan. The book helps the reader to over the SOS distress and pressure when you walk towards that wedding podium to deliver your talk. Each book from this series is specified and customized on the scope and its purpose. The book helps all non-professional or the ordinary people to make their speeches most striking, leaving the audience in a total awe. It provides a systematic framework to self-help on building the user’s own father of the groom speech. It includes a number of tips and tools. Like the previous stated book, this one is also a generalized ideology. However, it can help any user to build the perfect and flawless speech they desire for the Wedding day.

The author, Scott Brogan, has more than 20 years of experience in preparing and giving speeches and presentations. He makes it easy through his book for any non-speaker to get inspired, leave their fear behind and deliver a great, memorable speech.

Though the book is a bit higher on the price, this book could be a true value for you money and an all-star.

Briefed specifications:

The book accommodates the following categories as major area of focus:

  • Preparation
  • Overcoming
  • Develop
  • Interest
  • Unrehearsed
  • Measure
  • Book Appendix
  • Carefully selected wedding quotes, anecdotes, poems and wedding speech content ideas
  • A free silver membership to, a speech content database exclusive on wedding speeches
  • Do’s and Don’ts of a wedding speech

The book enlightens the ideology on:

What do I say?

How long do I talk?

What are the right things to say and what are the wrong things to say?

How do I engage the audience and leave them with a memorable Impression?

How do I deliver the speech with confidence?


There are several satisfied customers for this book. The rating starts swings mostly from three to five. The book has bagged numerous positive comments and acclaims.